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The company’s mission is to design and develop innovative polymeric materials for clinical use, in therapeutic or diagnostic applications. The company’s focus is specifically on blood-contacting biomaterials, such as spherical microparticles for use in vascular embolization therapies, lubricious hydrophilic coatings and materials/devices for improved detoxification of blood in the context of artificial kidney systems.


The principals in INterface BIOmaterials B.V. are Drs. Aldenhoff and Koole. They have direct links to Maastricht University Medical Centre Plus (MUMC+) and introduce expertise of (i), blood-biomaterial interactions, (ii), hydrophilic, bioactive, and “green” surface coatings for medical devices, and (iii) use of smart biomaterials in strategies for controlled local drug delivery.

The company is committed to provide high quality products that are safe and perform as specified.

The primary competences of INterface BIOmaterials BV can be summarized as follows:

  1. devices and techniques for TACE (transarterial chemo-embolization), combined with controlled release of pharmacologically active substances in situ
  2. hydrophilic surface coatings for medical devices, including hydrophilic surface coatings featuring controlled release of pharmacologically active substances in situ
  3. synthetic fluorogenic or chromogenic substrates for thrombin and coagulation factor X

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