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INterface BIOmaterials B.V. uniquely combines different areas of expertise.

INterface BIOmaterials B.V. is actively engaged in new developments related to innovative biomaterials and medical devices. Most of these projects are executed in collaboration with industrial and academic partners.


KidneyPort – Wearable Artificial Kidney

In the spring of 2014 INterface BIOmaterials BV and other partners, including the Dutch Kidney Foundation, obtained the approval to start the Life Sciences Health impuls (LSH) project: “KidneyPort”. The title of the LSH subsidized project is “New methods for detoxification of blood: opening pathways to easier, safer, smaller and ultimately portable artificial kidney systems”.
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iNephron – Wearable Artificial Kidney

INterface BIOmaterials B.V. is actively engaged in the development of the Wearable Artificial Kidney (WAK). The development of miniaturized devices for improved blood detoxification (preferably portable) is the major long-term objective of the Dutch Kidney Foundation.
INterface BIOmaterials B.V. has contributed within the iNephron project (2010-2012), funded by the Dutch Kidney Foundation, which was aimed at the development of  a basic prototype of a wearable artificial kidney.

A second grant has been applied and is approved to start in the spring of 2014.
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BioMiMedics – Microspheres

INterface BIOmaterials B.V. is working on the development of new (biodegradable) radiopaque biomaterials within the Interreg IV-A project BioMiMedics. One of the outcomes so far is the certification of X-Spheres™, which is manufactured at INterface BIOmaterials B.V. Further research, in collaboration with the department of BioMedical Engineering / Biomaterials Science of Maastricht University (faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences), is currently ongoing.
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Hydrophilic / hydrophobic bioactive surface coatings

INterafce BIOmaterials B.V. is continously working with several academic and industrial partners to develop innovative surface coatings.
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  • Latest news:

    February 2015:

    PMLF laboratory technology/biotechnology accreditation


    February 2014:

    INterface BIOmaterials BV participates in the LSH impuls project: “KidneyPort


    August 2013:

    PMLF laboratory technology accreditation


    July 2013:

    PMLF process engineering accreditation


    February 2013:

    CE certification on X-Spheres™


    November 2012:

    ISO 13485 certification


    January 2011:

    INterface BIOmaterials BV participates in the Interreg IVa project: “BioMiMedics”


    January 2010:

    INterface BIOmaterials BV participates in the “iNephron” project subsidized by the Dutch Kidney Foundation