INterface BIOmaterials B.V. participates actively in the Interreg IV-A project BioMiMedics. This project is focused on the development of new biomaterials which are biodegradable. Such materials are used clinically in a therapeutic strategy, and they will slowly “dissolve” (i.e. disappear from the body) after having performed their function. BioMiMedics is a consortium of 5 academic centers in the Euregio (Maastricht University, RWTH Aachen, Fachhochschule Julich, University of Liege, University of Hasselt). INterface BIOmaterials BV is the most prominent Dutch SME, participating in BioMiMedics. The scope of BioMiMedics offers unique opportunities for translation of know-how of new materials and life sciences into new innovative products.

Within BioMiMedics, INterface BIOmaterials BV is focusing on the 2nd and 3rd generation of the product X-Spheres™, and their introduction into the market. New embolizing particles are developed, tailored for use in oncology, i.e. to embolize tumors in the liver or in the kidney. The aim is to produce biodegradable and stable injectable microspheres that will deliver a cytostatic drug (i.e. a tumorcell-killing) agent. This mode of drug delivery is extremely important as it is sustained and local (i.e. inside tumor), which avoids the occurrence of unwanted side effects.